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About us


    Welcome to the website of the new brand KF collars collars and accessories handmade from leather! 

    We chose the festive style consciously. Modern life is often very difficult and you need to create a positive yourself. For our models, high-quality leather made in Italy and the best crystals and rhinestones are used. The products are light, voluminous and very comfortable to use. 


   Collars are made in a single copy, but almost any model can be repeated in the right size in a short time. For large collars, welded fittings are used, a strong sling is laid inside. If desired, cast fittings can be replaced with decorative and vice versa, because lightweight accompaniment is used for small products. 

  Women's choker collars have a universal size due to the presence of a chain and a carabiner that adjust the required volume around the neck. If desired, the semicircle in the center is removed. 


   Each product comes with an elegant package, which consists of a box with a transparent window, filler and decorative ribbons, so that you can pack the collar yourself, if, for example, it is intended as a gift and it is the same as in the photos. It is very important for us to create not only beautiful things for you, but also a great mood! 


  The collection is constantly updated, updates are regular. Our products are filled with love and attention to you, dear guests of the KF collars website.

  Thank You for Your choice and invite you to shop again!